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Are You Using These Effective Hospital Gift Shop Display Fixtures?

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Hospital gift shops serve important purposes: In addition to offering convenience for hospital visitors who might want to purchase a snack or something to read but don’t want to leave the hospital, they provide the gifts hospital visitors want to purchase for their loved ones.

Therefore, it’s important to use effective hospital gift shop display fixtures that will conveniently and attractively showcase the merchandise within the shop. After all, the people who shop at hospital gift shops generally have more pressing matters to deal with than trying to wade through an unorganized shop to find the items they need.

Clear Plastic Containers and Colored Acrylic Bins

Because of the wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles and the many kinds of merchandise items you can put in them, clear plastic containers and colored acrylic bins are some of the most popular of all display fixtures, so it’s only natural they’d work well as hospital gift shop display fixtures.

You can use clear plastic containers and colored acrylic bins as stand-alone display fixtures on your countertops, or pair them with other display fixtures like wire racks, convenience store racks, and bucket racks for both countertop and floor displays.

Racks for Floor and Countertop Displays

Unless you’re creating a countertop display using only clear plastic containers or colored acrylic bins, chances are you’re going to need some kind of display rack – or racks – for your floor and countertop displays.

A few ideas for to get you started include:

Wire Display Racks: Wire display racks are available in many styles and sizes. For example, you can find spinning wire racks for hanging items, grid display racks for hanging clothing or “baskets” for small merchandise, or wire racks with shelves for displaying stand-alone merchandise or products in plastic containers or acrylic bins.
Traditional Convenience Store Racks: Like wire display racks, traditional convenience store racks are available in many sizes and styles, but most of them are sturdy enough for holding heavier kinds of merchandise that stands alone.
Bucket Display Racks: Bucket display racks do just what their name suggests – hold buckets filled with merchandise. These kinds of racks are excellent tools for making the most of whatever space you have to work with, and you can even finding revolving bucket display racks to add convenience for your customers.