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Choose the right digital magazine software for your publications

E-magazine is not just putting power to the paper version. It can save you a lot of printing costs and help you create a greener planet and thus give your company a greener profile in an attractive way. The trend is that more people like reading magazines online with their iPhones and tablets on the go. So it is worthwhile to consider creating online magazines for business now.There are a lot of applications vendors when it comes to create online magazines and other e-publications. Here is an overview of e-magazine providers. To find an e-magazine software provider, it is important to make it clear what you need.Do you simply want to make your print magazine electronically flip or do you want professional solution with video, animations, etc.?

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If you just want a simple solution, free or simple software will be okay. Take a look at these free software.

Issuu is a reputable online application that allows you to create e-magazines and get a comprehensive overview of all your publications by simply uploading PDF magazines. Readers can also comment on your magazine and share it with others via social media.With the embedded codes, you also can make it easy to embed the online magazine on your own website or blog. However, if you use the free version of Issue, there are some ads on the e-magazines.

aXmag free aXmag has a free online yet simple conversion service that lets you convert your PDFs to a flip magazine in Flash format. It does not allow you to customize load screen in their free version.