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Films and Movies Analysis

Watching movies to relax the mind, and to change the mood has become a very effective way of getting rid of mental depressions. Watching movies in theaters are even more of a fun and a learning experience. Modern technological advances have provided innumerable different devices to the viewers and likers of the movies to watch them wherever and whenever they want them to watch. Portable devices like tablets and mobiles with amazingly high resolutions and picture quality(Zhao, 2006), along with internet magic do the job far more easily and attractive for movie lovers.

But with all with advances and facilities of the modern age, surprisingly so, the majority of general folks still prefer to get together and go to theaters to watch a movie.


“Film or Movie” industry is one of the biggest entertainment and revenue-generating industries in the world. A country like India is the highest film producer per year for last several years from its film industry called “Bollywood”. United States’ movie industry, “Hollywood” is ranked as second in quantity of releasing movies, but first and far most better than all other country`s movie industries in regards to its making, technology, budgets, and revenues.

People discuss advantages of watching movies in theaters, which according to them are, “one doesn’t has to wait for the movie to generally releasing on DVDs, and other social networks”, as it is the trend and an official rule set by the film industry regulatory authorities, according to which, the new release movies would only be displayed primarily on big screens of cinemas, and then after a short period of time, it would be on open display.

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Well, it could be an advantage for the one who cannot wait, and a way of business to the movie makers and the regulatory body, but to me, the only good reason to go to the theater to watch a new movie has always been the charm of facing the big screen. The real art of modern-day technological advances can be enjoyed many times more on the big screen, then on some small screen device.

One generally doesn’t watch a movie to either learn something out of it, but usually, movies are seen to a real from the real-life and indulge in the life of idealism portrayed in the classy movies. Good movies are so influencing sometimes that its visuals can take one to the world of imaginations(Epstein,. 1999). But this sense of aesthetic cannot be created on low resolution, mini screen home appliances since neither do they have such powerful and catchy effects, nor the background could make such effects on the eyes.

Along with all the catchy effects of the larger cinema screen with louder but balanced sound, one of the main attractions, or advantage I would rather say, is the uninterrupted thrill inflow of the storyline, which is ensured in while watching a movie in a cinema. Ads, censors, and other disturbances break the flow of the story, and people normally discontinue watching the other part of the movie, which is to come after the break.

As the primarily told advantage of having new movies in the cinema is mentioned, a variety of new movies are set on display altogether. Even in a few cinemas, where there are around ten to twelve screens together to display movies, the option of choosing a movie is much higher, which obviously is fun of huge proportions for movie lovers. Then other big perks are the discounted snacks and drinks included in the charges of tickets.

The goring environment of an enthusiast, cheering on extraordinary fighting senses, the running upside down of kids, throwing snacks all the way, and sometimes overwhelming comments by the youngsters make the environment lively and memorable which one takes back out of the cinema.

Personal experience

I remember I watched a movie back in 2009 in the cinema with a group of friends. The movie was one of the best ever Hollywood war production, its name was “Black Hawk Down”. I watched that particular movie several times later in my life, maybe only because of the impact I took back from the cinema. This movie “Black Hawk Down” was filmed in Somalia, on the story of its civil war back in 1996, where many American marines were killed by the warring Somali militias.