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How To Prepare for a BIG Pay-Off When You Sell Your House

Follow the steps below to get a higher price
for your house:

1. Get your house ready to sell:

a. Remove the clutter, starting from the most
important room in the house…the kitchen. Then move
on to the bathroom, closets, furniture and storage

b. Fix up the house interior, but watch your
spending! You’ll be surprised at how quickly the costs
add up! Spend money only on items that will
increase the value of the house more than your costs.
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c. Fix up the exterior of your house by tidying
up the yard, fixing cracks in the driveway and making
sure the windows and doors open easily. Spray WD40 on
all hinges. Also, check that the exterior lights and
doorbell work. Power-washing the driveway and porch
can do wonders.

2. Select a realtor who is willing to learn why your
house is worth more than the competition. Interview
several realtors until it becomes obvious who knows
their stuff and who doesn’t. Since a house is usually
the biggest investment in most people’s lives, there
could be some intense moments in the negotiation
process. Be sure you feel comfortable with the realtor
as a person.

3. Set a starting price and the lowest price you will
accept. If you have lots of time to sell your house,
you can start the price slightly higher than market
value. If your start price is too high, your house
won’t sell, or the bank won’t finance it. If you
reduce the listing price later, other realtors will
think there is something wrong with your house and will
only bring bargain hunters. A realistic price is the
best place to start.

4. Negotiate the listing realtor’s commission and the
selling realtor’s commission. If the commission is too
low, realtors will spend less time promoting your
house. If you are in a hurry, or if you want better
service, you are better off increasing the commission
by $500 rather than reducing your price by $5,000.

5. Develop a features and benefits checklist for
realtors. They see so many houses that after a while
they all look alike. A written summary of strong
points of your house helps the realtor justify a higher

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price when presenting to the buyer.

6. Develop a lifestyle oriented features list of your
house and surrounding area. A pictorial collage of two
or three pages will help increase the desirability (and
higher value) of your home.

7. Just before a showing make sure everything is well
dusted, all the lights are on and the windows are open,
if weather permits. Use a neutral deodorizer just
before the buyers arrive. Lighting a candle is very
effective in eliminating odors.