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JobsatHome – Online Free to Join Data Entry Jobs – Freelance FAQs Part 1

First of all; let’s talk a little about freelance sites. There are many freelance sites on the internet these days where anyone can find lots of jobs in different categories. Freelance sites are the place where buyers, from all around the world, post their jobs and service providers, on the other hand, place bids on these jobs.
All this work is done online. You can do all jobs, that you find at freelance sites, at home. If you are looking for any part time job opportunity, then working at freelance sites is your best option.
At freelance sites, people seeking online jobs are called service providers or programmers and people who need to hire some one online to do some work are called buyers. When buyers open projects, they describe all the details about the job that they need someone to do, in the project description. Service providers can browse all these projects and they place bids on the ones that looks interesting to them. This is how things work at freelance sites.
I can apply for how many jobs at freelance sites?

There are many different kinds of freelance sites. There are some sites where you are free to place bids on as many projects as you want to. At these sites, you don’t have to pay any fees in order to start applying for online jobs. These freelance sites are 100% free to join; after you get paid for a completed job, such sites then take a small fee from the amount you earn. This is a fair deal. So at such freelance sites, you can apply for as many projects as you want to.
On the hand, there are some sites where you need to first buy some kind of membership in order to start using those sites. I personally do not work at these sites and also suggest the same who others too. At these sites, the number of bids depends on the type of membership you have.
There is another type of freelance site where you can find both free and paid membership. At these sites, you can place bids on projects for free but the number of bids that you can place are limited. I think its 15 or so bids in one month. There is also a gold membership option available for those who need to place more bids. This membership will cost $12/month; these members can place at least 160 bids.
I personally started my online freelance career at one of such sites. I first earned $12 using the free membership and then I upgraded to gold member. So I never paid anything from my pocket and I was able to earn some really good money from freelancing. Anyone can easily make good money at these sites. $1000/month is very easy; $3000/month is very much achievable.