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Pacific Poker’s FAQ section to solve all your poker questions.

Not everyone is so confident about playing poker online. They have a lotof questions and want to know how things work. Pacific Poker’s( superb FAQ page( goes a long way toassuaging any fears people may have.The FAQ section ( fiveparts which are How to Deposit, How to Cash Out, Technical Requirements,Tournaments FAQ and Contact Us. Each of these deals with the differentissues, queries and questions the players would want addressed.Mike Herea, promotions department manager for Pacific Poker( has been blown away by the response the FAQsection ( has generated.”We wanted to have a great FAQ section because often the player hasquestions to which he or she can not find any answers. By placing theFAQ in a stand alone area which is easy to navigate the player will findout everything they are looking for.”Each of the five sections have a series of sub-sections. There in liesthe answer to every question anyone could have. And in the event thatthey are still not satisfied, there is the Contact us section whereeverything will be answered promptly.Pacific Poker ( which prides itself on its customersupport and indeed has been voted as having the best customer support ofany online poker room.Much of this is due to the desire of Pacific Poker to do the best forits players and its commitment to excellence.”We owe everything and all our success to our players. Without themPacific Poker would be nothing. Providing for them is the least we coulddo.”In the future Pacific Poker ( aims to add even morefeatures to its website.About Poker is one of the world’s top poker rooms. They have inexcess of 10 million members worldwide who enjoy an online pokerexperience like no other. Founded in 1996, Pacific Poker showcases the excitement of competingagainst your friends and fellow members in any of the poker rooms. Pacific Poker’s goal is to provide quality entertainment to people whoenjoy gambling, by giving them the opportunity to do so in a safe, fun,fair, regulated and secure


environment. Their clients are their greatest assets; therefore they make an immenseeffort to establish customer delight building relationships throughservice, honesty, advice and trust with each and every member.The rooms operate under a EU gaming license granted by the Government ofGibraltar for the purposes of operating an on line casino and PokerRoom. Pacific Poker is operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Aregistered company incorporated and located in Gibraltar (companyregistration number 83961). The company has other offices around theworld and employs over 500 full time employees.Media Contacts: Kelly