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Pricing mechanism reform outline previews

Our country product prices within 20 raised, but industry the expected pricing mechanism of refined oil price adjustment and reform synchronization carry on the scene did not appear. To this, experts say, in the geopolitical crisis under the influence of the factors such as, recently volatile international oil prices, therefore, the current pricing mechanism is not on the best time to reform plan.Reform or involved in aspects such as pricing cycleSo far, the domestic existing product oil pricing mechanism has reached three years, basic order of crude oil and product oil price relationship between domestic and ensuring stable supply market. But in the actual operation, also exposed some problems, such as pricing, introduce the long cycle time lag, the domestic product oil prices to respond to the international oil prices change, the pricing formula transparency lower.Especially after last year, as the oil price has risen sharply, the domestic CPI increase pressure continuously increased, the national strengthening of the domestic product prices control efforts, oil prices adjust the frequency more and more slow, it also affected to some extent the normal operation of the pricing mechanism.Therefore, the country began to research and improve product oil price mechanism of domestic reforms, it relates to “shorten the cycle, speed up the refiners refiners frequency; improve product prices operating method, increase pricing transparency”, etc. According to the oil system insiders has revealed that reform plan is already reported the second half of last year.”Before actually two oil group and some other unit altogether has submitted more than a dozen pricing mechanism reform plan, which only oil is in the filed of 6.” A close to two big oil group to our reporter who said.According to information, these programs involving pricing cycle, hook measures, the pricing formula, and other parameters of modifications.And according to the relevant departments of the signal that the reform, the new pricing mechanism of the cycle will shorten the refiners, introduce rhythm faster, it will give the oil market speculation “store goods” increase the difficulty and help reduce market hype composition, reduce “human oil shortage” appear possibility.In addition, the national development and reform commission experts also revealed that in the new pricing mechanism, the cheaper WTI prices will be included in the oil price reference of oil. It also means that our country product oil refiners refers to the three places crude oil prices may become four to crude oil prices.For one year, WTI prices and brent oil prices remain a wide spread, the former than the latter currently low nearly 20 dollars a barrel. The industry think, if WTI prices from their reference, four of the average price of crude oil rose speed may be slowly.”At the moment to be sure, the cycle

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will shorten the refiners, but pricing cycle unchanged; crude oil will increase the value of variety.” Zhuo and information to our reporter LvBin analysts yesterday said.To outside of the concerns of reform launch time, ZhongYu information ZhangYongHao analysts pointed out that as countries to product oil pricing mechanism reform has already for a long time, the latest there will probably is the current pricing mechanism before the reform “finally when”. “We assume that the reform rules will be involved in the refiners cycle is shortened, and the change of the kinds of crude oil ports, etc. Another possible adjustment form or oil refining enterprise introduce the autonomy of enhance”.Startup time still need to observeFor new product oil pricing mechanism reform continued failure to the cause of the startup, the industry generally thought that with the car DVD recent international oil prices “fever” relevant.”At the moment, is not refined oil pricing mechanism of reform good time.” China’s energy nets chief information officer HanXiaoPing told the reporter, due to the geopolitical factors, the international oil prices high recently, which promote the reform of the pricing mechanism smooth. “In the oil price is lower than when oil prices high in the reform of better change.” Xiamen university Chinese energy, director of the center for economic research LinBoJiang professor feel the same view.In fact, a refined oil pricing mechanism reform is in the 2008 financial crisis, the international oil prices tumbled under the background of the roll out.On the other hand, the public also worry that the pricing mechanism reform oil refiners after speed up the frequency, will give the downstream industry has brought more frequent impact. To this, LinBoJiang think, domestic fuel prices, when adjustment should be done well for special groups supporting subsidies work. If the international oil prices to $130 a barrel above, according to China’s current oil pricing mechanism, domestic oil prices will no longer rises. In this case, the state can use tax cuts way, reduced consumption tax, in order to reduce the burden of the refinery, encourage their normal production. This is in abroad practice in the.”Since this year in international oil prices high oil shocks, pricing mechanism reform faces dilemma: on the one hand, the new more international market change can reflect the product pricing mechanism, the domestic refiners out once more frequent, so could the relevant departments to consider the need