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Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is the management of document-based transactions electronically via the cloud. It has revolutionized the way businesses operate. DTM helped remove inefficiencies caused in these transactions including document completion, data processing. Transactions now have fewer delays, are easier to perform, and overall more convenient.

Breaking it Down
Globally, every organization has some form of “document signing” ceremony for all kinds of transactions. These transactions can range from loans to real estate transactions to legal contracts etc.

The abundance of these ceremonies in every organization paved the way for a digital solution, Digital Transaction Management. Moreover, The variety of documents within consideration for inclusion in the process is huge. This led to the birth of the xDTM Standard, which governs the DTM body.

xDTM is in effect since 2016, as a result of input from major stakeholders in the DTM market. It is now a standard criterion for the management of Digital Transactions. The creation of xDTM enables efforts to make DTM viable to the trust of the people so they can do secure online data storage and transmission.

Benefits of Digital Transaction Management
There are various ways that Digital Transactions are benefiting businesses all around the globe. Here are some ways that DTM can make your business more efficient:

Transactions are Now Accessible and Secure
As soon as you reach the last stage of closing business-to-business deals you face unexpected delays tying up transactions. Printing, faxing, scanning, and forwarding documents hinder the business processes of a company. Tying Up shouldn’t be so hard. Security risks also pose serious threats.

Firstly, following protocols set within the xDTM standards, data is immediately available even in peak flow time and is accessible around the world. As a result of this protocol, this reduces the hassle you may have been facing because of people and data availability.

Secondly, xDTM Standard ensures the highest possible level of security using technologies that are at the forefront of the digital revolution in data storage. An expert forecast revealed the number of breaches will increase every year including both small and big scale breaches. That is why security is the forefront focus in Digital Transaction Management.

Automation and Compliance
Obtain Completed documents within a matter of minutes. Now you no longer need to wait for people to sign documents causing delays. xDTM compatible systems ensure that you can access documents immediately.

With newer systems, you can now set up immediate completion schedules for you and your colleagues to ensure full compliance. You can keep track of documents and follow the process from anywhere may it be your office or home because business never stops. With DTM, companies have to comply with appropriate laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.

Detailed Reporting and Enhanced Privacy
Some documents require multiple people to sign and complete them. Digital Transaction Management makes following up easier than it ever was. Tools now have in-built dashboards to keep track of what process yet remains to be completed. Staying in the loop is now easier.

Unauthorized access can be minimized by assigning customized levels of access to documents within the company. With DTM, each individual or an organization can choose to selectively reveal the information that they think is necessary to the other party.

Coverage Across Various Departments

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Sales platforms today are looking forward to having DTM embedded in their systems. Customers can directly perform transactions online and speed up the process for both themselves and the company. Because of the benefits like privacy and accessibility, it is now the top choice for startup sales platforms in the market.

Each department has different documents that need to be completed to make the organization function properly and complete major business transactions and deals as a whole. Using Digital Transaction Management businesses can now automate all departments. Some of the Departments that can be automated are: