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Questnet Egypt – a growing enterprise

o succeed in the business the company must promote itself in order to gain the trust of the customer and appeal to the target audience. The innovative strategies and techniques in the promotional tactics form the backbone of the company companies like Questnet Egypt sidetracked from conventional marketing gimmicks and started a new venture called multi level marketing. These MLM companies were formed to provide the masses with an option to earn additional income. The thought of earning a few extra bucks without being under stringent rules made people inquisitive about the company’s mechanisms. MLM enterprise began with a business plan and a few members initially, but as time went by the member count increased tremendously.

Multi level marketing is a chain enterprise system that functions as per the member’s diligence and enthusiasm towards the business.MLM enterprise nutures the core values of work ethics and promotes a feeling of independence in the minds of the individuals associated with the company. Questnet Egypt was a raving success in the country owing to its holiday package schemes, coin collections and a host of different products that appealed to the customers. Similarly all across the globe, multi level marketing was known for its unconventional marketing strategies combined with its effectiveness. The two techniques that formulate the functioning are the direct selling and the networking policies. Direct selling involves the member to sell the company’s product to a potential buyer in order to acquire a hefty commission. Whereas networking requires the member to publicise the company by showing prospects the business plan to make them acquainted with the procedures and policies.

With the growing success of the enterprise, a few obstacles stumbled along the path. The MLM companies like Questnet Egypt went pushed under the scanner, questioning the credibility and authenticity of the enterprise. The media frenzy and the online accusations resulted into a huge controversy. People became more cautious and refrained to from joining the enterprise. A shadow of doubt filled the minds of the people and resulted in the gradual downfall of the MLM enterprise. To uncover the truth, investigations were initiated to locate the source of the speculations. The evidence proved that the rival companies and the distressed members started the rumours in order to tarnish the reputation of the MLM enterprise on the whole.

The companies like Questnet Egypt surfaced above the controversy by defending their business and having faith in the mechanisms adopted by the company. The MLM enterprise was deeply affected by the allegations but over a period of time, when the truth came out, things took a different turn. The enterprise began re-establishing itself in the market arena with the hope of regaining their lost glory. The main initiative was to build a strong foundation without loopholes and recover the trust of the public. Currently with the ongoing strategies the enterprise is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.