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Testing for Asbestos during Your Remodel

Asbestos was a commonly utilized insulating material due to its flexible application and low cost.  This makes asbestos rampant through most office buildings or facilities and requires all surface areas to be tested for the presence of the substance.  A Certified Asbestos Inspector can work with your company to test for asbestos and can help with each necessary step if asbestos is found.



The Certified Asbestos Inspector will make an onsite visit to your company to take samples of various surfaces and have those samples tested at a lab.  Each sample must be labeled and categorized during the testing process.  If asbestos is found, the exact surface can then be identified and the Certified Asbestos Inspector can propose options to the company for moving forward.


Some circumstances may call for the asbestos to remain in place.  The Certified Asbestos Inspector will walk your company through how to work around the asbestos and provide guidance for the various disclosures and requirements for leaving the asbestos in place.  Workers or employees in the area should be notified of the dangers and understand how to remain safe in that environment.



Other situations call for the asbestos to be removed from the facility to keep employees safe.  The asbestos should be removed in a very specific way to ensure employees are not in danger of the long term health risks of asbestos.  The area should be sealed off and workers in full body suits and respirators to keep asbestos from adhering to clothing or contaminating other areas of the facility.  The respirators ensure the employees do not inhale hazardous microscopic particles.  The asbestos should be transported in individually labeled bags to ensure each bag is accounted for throughout the removal process.

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Click hereto contact a Certified Asbestos Inspector to work with your company to test for asbestos.  Your company has a duty to protect the employees and should have a test conducted prior to any renovations or remodeling of the facility.  The effects of asbestos are long term and have serious risks.  A responsible and successful company understands that protecting workers at the facility is a top priority to ensure efficient and productive employees.  The Asbestos Inspector has the training and experience to evaluate each scenario on a case by case basis to make a recommendation to determine if the asbestos is present and requires immediate removal to ensure the safety of each employee.

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