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Texas Holdem Poker – Working on your poker face

If you have ever played Texas Holdem Poker, you are probably aware that one of the most important factors in the game is assuming what cards your opponent has and the only way you can do that is by reading their face.


However, this is making you vulnerable as well – you don’t want people to see the little smile, when you are holding a full-house, or that frown when you have high card, because the card you wanted haven’t turned out. But the ability not to express your emotions on your face is not a thing, which you can get right away – you can’t just learn a little secret and unlock such powers – you have to train, as silly as it may sound.

It is very important not to show any emotion, especially in Texas Holdem Poker, because there everything depends on the cards on the table and the two cards in your hand – there are four times, when you can have an instant burst of happiness or sadness, where you must keep it cool and keep your poker face – that is why Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most popular types of poker – the mind game is worth far more than the luck.


So, what to do in order to train your poker face and become one of the poker’s pros? Well, there are a couple of things you can try out and decide on, which will work best for you.

The first and most simple thing is to stand in front of the mirror and just look at yourself – try to think of the most happy memories of your life and the most sad ones, picture the faces of people you care about and in the same time keep your face emotion still.


Another thing you can do, in order to train your face, to become better in Texas Holdem Poker is to buy a book of jokes, or just read ones from the internet  and while you are doing that try not to laugh or smile – if you want to make this more interesting tell someone to try and make you laugh. If you prefer, you can watch comedies or sad movies and try to keep every emotion for yourself and let no one know what you are feeling inside. To keep your progress and to make a fun social activity with your family – let someone tell you quietly, without anyone else hearing someone very funny or very sad, and some other family member should try to guess what you are feeling, by just looking at your face. If your relatives are into poker – play games with them and train your poker face then.

A great trick, which professional poker players are also using, is always being angry!  That’s right – don’t let anything else, but anger be in your mind – thing of something that makes you mad, and don’t let anything else disturb your thoughts, and most importantly – show your anger on your face. By having a poker face, you are bound to become the next professional Texas Holdem Poker player.