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Turf Pavers as an Environmental- Friendly Paving Option

Golf s course superintendents are the professionals who maintain the course – they fertilize, water, mow and shape the grass to create beautiful greens and fairways that help even the amateurs golf like the pros. Golf superintendents know that the best courses may just use a variety of golf turf in order to create the best surface for each area of the course.

If you’re looking for the perfect grass for the greens, golf course superintendents know that Tifdwarf Bemudagrass has long been considered a favorite. While Tifdwarf has enjoyed enormous popularity, the newest kid on the block, MiniVerde™, has been stealing the show at the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) for the past several years. MiniVerde™ is an ultradwarf Bermudagrass that is hands down the new leader on the putting greens, ranking first in the trials for several years in a row. MiniVerde™ produces high shoot density, with fine leaf blades and short internodes for the perfect putting green.

When you’re talking fairways, Zorro™ Zoysia is still the number one pick at the NTEP trials. For a tough wearing, deep green beautiful grass that adapts to a variety of mowing heights, Zorro™ Zoysia, a super fine-bladed grass, is king of the fairway.

To highlight the roughs, nothing does the job quite like Empire® Zoysia or Celebration™ Bermudagrass. Empire® Zoysia produces a deep green color and a unique texture that helps it stand out from other grasses. Any golf turf is enhanced by the beauty of Empire® Zoysia in the roughs. Celebration™ Bermudagrass is rapidly becoming turf managers first choice in golf course roughs due to its durability, shade tolerance and low water and fertilizer needs.

Tee off with Tifway 419 Bermudagrass and you’ll never be disappointed. Tifway 419 holds the standard for tees, fairways and roughs and many golf course superintendents swear by it! The rapid recovery speed of this fast growing golf turf makes it an excellent choice for the tees, which see plenty of action.

Golf courses are known for their beauty as well as their complexity of play. When you choose the right combinations of golf turf for your course, the beauty is assured, while the play factor is enhanced. To set your course above the rest, you need to choose excellent turfs from a professional sod farm that has a reputation for industry knowledge and product superiority. The financial investment in the turf for your golf course is huge- make sure you get professional, reliable advice from a sod farm that deals specifically with golf turf so your investment is money well spent.