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What is Blogging and How Can You Be Making Money Doing It?

You may be asking, “So, what is blogging?” Blogging is simply putting thoughts, opinions, advice, memories, and anything else you want to write about on an online journal that the public can see. Instead of writing in a little book hidden away that only your eyes will ever see, blogging is the idea of making content public on the internet. Many online businesses and individuals have taken advantage of the power that posting new content on the web can bring and are making money blogging on a regular basis.


If you have been online for any amount of time you will notice that there are literally thousands upon thousands of blogs on the internet. It shouldn’t surprise us any, as the majority of people on the internet are content hungry. Google in fact rewards websites that post new updated content frequently. Content is King. How many times have you heard that statement before? There is a reason you’ve heard it so many times.

The internet revolves around content. If you have an online business you should be posting new content on a regular basis. The best way to do this, and by far the easiest, is to have a blog. Post articles, product reviews, product announcements, tips on a particular subject or niche. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the type of content you can post on your blog.

Blogger and WordPress are the most popular blogging software. Blogger is very easy to use and setup. Your blog can be hosted on the Blogger domain, or on your own domain. WordPress is the same as far as the hosting goes; however, the features available are a lot more complex. WordPress has many powerful features that are at your disposal, and it can be a little hard to figure everything out. There are many tutorials and videos on how to use WordPress and all the add-ons that it has.

Once you have your blog setup it’s time to start posting. You want to provide relevant information about whatever topic you want to write about. Provide information that will help your readers. Post as often as possible and your readers will stay loyal to you. Once you have a following, you can monetize on the traffic your blog is bringing in. There are many ways to do this, and I will point out a couple of them.


One way you can be making money blogging is by putting Google Adsense ads on your blog. Advertisers pay a fee, a cost per click, to have their ads placed on other people’s websites. When a visitor comes to your blog and clicks on one of the ads, you get paid a percentage of the cost. This is a great way to earn some extra income with your blog.

Another way you can be making money blogging is by signing up for an affiliate program and advertising it on your blog. The program should relate to the content of your blog. If someone signs up for the program through you, you get paid a commission. Depending on the program, you can even get paid every month for each member you refer. You can also sell individual products as an affiliate. Great places to find products are at either Clickbank or Commission Junction.